Mount Ayr Auditorium Renovation

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The existing auditorium at the Mount Ayr High School suffered from a multitude of issues. Poor acoustics, a failing lighting and electrical system, outdated finishes and a lack of identity within the overall building were all issues that were addressed by the design team. A new curved face addresses the student commons, providing a clear identity, while adding new concession and storage space. The completely renovated interior addresses acoustics with new ceiling clouds, which act to propagate sound to the rear of the auditorium. Acoustical wall panels on the side and rear of the room provide needed absorption to keep the room from being too “live”. A new lighting and sound system vastly improve the functionality of the room. Other improvements include elevating the control booth for better views of the stage, new seating, a stage extension that brings the stage closer to the audience and new stage curtains. The Mount Ayr Auditorium Renovation is a wonderful example of the type of progress that can be made when all parties fully invest themselves into the concept to create the best project possible