David Harrison, AIA, LEED AP
David Harrison, AIA, LEED AP

David has been a Principal with Design Alliance since 1999, although he also has experience with Design Alliance’s predecessor firm in the 1980’s. David is the prime mover of Design Alliance’s unique Consensus-based Process, stressing a client oriented approach to design excellence, budget control, and schedule management.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?
I tend to transition among hobbies on a fairly regular basis. I have done paintings, had a series of sailboats, hobby farmed, owned three go-carts, woodworked, had a Seadoo, and owned a motorcycle. Currently I am a pilot and a home brewer – however these are not compatible simultaneous endeavors. To quote a mentor of mine, “I spent a lot of money on my hobbies, and I wasted the rest.”

Do you play any musical instruments?
My youngest daughter and I took Suzuki violin together. I was the biggest student in the class.

What is your favorite building and why?
My favorite building is our remodeling of a storage building into the Headquarters for the Department of Public Safety for the State of Iowa. I love bringing new life and beauty into an old building. It saves a lot of money and energy.

I have always been fascinated by perspective drawing. This type of drawing is what sparked my interest in architecture when I was in about 6th grade. In this freehand sketch I have intentionally created a discrepancy of scale. Is it a big building, a little building, or medium sized block on the ground? The heaviest line weight designates there is space behind. The medium line weight shows a change in plane.The lightest line weight shows surface texture.