Kelsey Vetter, Assoc. AIA
Kelsey Vetter, Assoc. AIA

Kelsey joined Design Alliance in 2015 and brings a unique background of design, business, and computer skills to the firm.

What was the first career you thought you would go into as a child?
As a child I always dreamed about becoming a dolphin trainer. I really enjoyed swimming and was on the city swim team during the summer. I had done a bunch of research on bottle nosed dolphins and thought that the combination of such a fun animal plus swimming would be great.

Because of this, I always wanted to take one of the classes where you can swim with dolphins and it’s still on my bucket list.

What’s the career you would choose if you could magically give yourself the money/talent/training required to do

I think a career as a leading role in Broadway musicals would be really unique and fun. The travel and the assembly of the production would be very interesting to see. It would be a lot of work, but I’ve always enjoyed the fine arts and singing, and I think it would be amazing to share that with the audience.

What feature of your childhood home do you remember best or most fondly?
My childhood home had a few split levels and there ended up being an interior, crawl space beneath my bedroom, which we used for extra storage. The door for this room was camouflaged into the wall with decorative wood pieces which made it seem very secretive. This was a great space for my siblings and me to play and use our imagination, as well good place to go to during hide and seek.

Where would you choose to live: by the ocean, in the mountains or in the woods?
If I had my choice, I would like to live in a place that in a way offers all of these elements. I would really enjoy a place on a lake with privacy provided by woods and the water would definitely have to get warm enough for watersports. Ideally, the mountains or large hills would be within driving distance and offer a plethora of activities and great scenery.

I took this picture while I was studying abroad in Italy. It is significant to me because it was taken while I was traveling with some of my best friends. This was one of the moments that we simply sat and took in the site and our whole trip. My entire experience in Italy was great and to be able to share it with people close to me meant the world. Like much of Italy, Verona has an extensive history and many people are familiar with the town, yet it is quite small and quaint. The town was peaceful, but full of life and offered some amazing sites and experiences.