Sarah Huston, AIA
Sarah Huston, AIA

Sarah joined Design Alliance in 2007. A self studied expert in doing a lot with limited budgets and time, she has proven herself with remodelings, additions, and renovations for a wide variety of project types.

What are you likely to be doing on Friday after a good week at Design Alliance?
Friday afternoons are for errands first, I like being able to avoid the crowds. Then I’m usually at home getting a jump on a weekend project or putting together a dinner for friends.

What do you like the most about living in the Des Moines area?
Des Moines is great because it has all the amenities of a big city with the friendliness of a smaller town. It’s fun to have a meal downtown then head to the theatre for a Broadway show. Summers are full of the farmer’s market, parks and live music, all of which are only fifteen minutes from home!

What was the most exotic vacation you’ve been on?
I love to travel and in college I spent a summer in Bangkok, Thailand. That trip opened my eyes to a big and diverse world. I’m fascinated with other cultures and how people around the world live.

Where would you choose to live: by the ocean, in the mountains or in the woods?
The ocean, definitely; I would walk on the beach every day if I could. I’d probably get tired of picking up seashells eventually, but never the sound of the surf. There’s something both soothing and terrifying being around big water.