Sasha Daljevic, Associate AIA
Sasha Daljevic, Associate AIA

In 1999 Sasha moved to the Des Moines area from his home country of Bosnia. Sasha studied architecture at Iowa State University and soon after he joined Design Alliance.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

I really enjoy building and technology. This lead me into a hobby of building model kits, mostly involving giant robots. The interesting component of these model kits is the level of detail that goes into making these figures. You typically start from a skeleton like structure, then you add cover panels that give the model kit its unique design or aesthetic. It’s usually a hobby I do when I watch movies.

What feature of your childhood home do you remember best or most fondly?

The part I remember most of my child hood home growing up in Bosnia was that my house had a large back yard that my parents made into a little farm where they raised chickens and pigs. We even had a decent sized garden with plenty of vegetables and even some fruit. It was always interesting to see what was growing, and what the animals did.

What was the most exotic vacation you’ve been on?

In the year 2017 I went to visit my relatives in Australia, and it was during the winter season in Iowa so the change in weather was really incredible as it was almost like spring in Australia. We were very close to the capital so the area was very modern, but the native birds were very different from what I am used to in the states. The sounds the birds made were not anything like what the birds in Iowa sound like.