“The most innovative ideas emerge from group collaboration — not from one person.“
– Design Alliance


Why partner with Design Alliance for your architecture needs? Because you’ll get the best efforts of everyone in the organization, from the front desk to the back room. We’re down-to-earth people who combine creativity, communication, professional talent and hard work to make your project exactly what you envision it to be.

We’re experts at blending your planning committee and our team members and consultants into a high-power, productive planning group. The result: an efficient and attractive facility that meets your needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Ready to make the vision of your project into reality? We are. Come join us. We’re Design Alliance.

“Just like a high-quality building, the most successful projects rest on a solid foundation.“
– Design Alliance


HOW WE WORK — When you bring your project to Design Alliance, we create a special alliance among our own staff, our consultants and your team with the goal of delivering the highest-performing building that fits your needs and budget. Every project is led by one of our four owner/principals who will be your single point of contact throughout the project.

We begin with an exercise that helps you visualize the final project and prioritize goals, thereby establishing the foundational vision that will drive the entire project. Listening to your needs and understanding all the design factors that are important to you, encouraging collaboration and consensus, communicating constantly and following through to ensure that your project is the best that it can be, that’s how Design Alliance works.

“I have always been driven to buck the system, to innovate, to take things beyond where they’ve been.“
– Sam Walton


Design Alliance was founded in 1991 by Jerry Purdy. In 1993 we merged with the Voorhees Design Group which traced its heritage back to 1947. Since then, Design Alliance has continually grown both in the size and complexity of its projects, as well as through staff additions and development.

Design Alliance now brings clients the best of both worlds —a fresh, contemporary approach to architecture, as well as the legacy and experience of the Smith-Voorhees-Jensen lineage of firms that have been involved in commercial, municipal, educational, and religious architecture since 1947. Combining decades of heritage with renewed vision for the future and plenty of young, fresh ideas ensure you and your project get the best we have to offer.

“Without reserve Design Alliance fulfills the role of 'team player/partner' better than any other local firm."
–Greg Cushing, Director Business Development The Hansen Company
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“Their creativity, commitment, and attention to detail have given us a worship facility that is both beautiful and functional.“
–Curt M. Joseph, Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church
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“What has made them stand out is their creativity, listening skills, responsiveness, and their willingness to go that extra mile.”
–Mark A. Jackson, Administrator, Story City
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